5 winning agent Facebook ads

Just Listed, Just Sold and home valuation ads all get results


  • Facebook marketing works, but it’s tricky to master.
  • Just Listed, Just Sold and home valuation ads all get results.
  • Examine five successful Facebook ads to generate effective marketing ideas.

Facebook marketing is a difficult art to master, but real estate agents are finding success with a variety of ads, including Just Listed, Just Sold and home valuation prompts.

Agents shared some of their best-performing Facebook ads in a Lab Coat Agents Facebook group post; Inman presents five of them below.

1. New Jersey agent Nick Baldwin generated 25 seller leads in three days with this ad:

Nick Baldwing


2. Massachusetts agent Jack Attridge reached over 17,000 people by promoting a new listing:



3. Colorado agent Andrew Fortune uses Facebook ads to stay top of mind, not to generate leads. The video he advertised below for $100 received over 3,700 views.



4. Georgia agent Matthew Randolph reached over 15,000 people with his $146.60 spend on a Just Listed ad:



5. Michigan agent Brian Powers said he is generating a lot of seller leads with the below Just Sold ad, but is having trouble securing their email addresses once they visit his site.


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