Coldwell Banker teams up with real estate coach Tom Ferry

Customized program intended to motivate, educate agents
  • A large brokerage is acknowledging the benefits of utilizing real estate coaches.
  • Tom Ferry teaming with Coldwell Banker is a good sign for other real estate motivators, coaches.
  • Agents of all levels can benefit from coaching if they're open to it.

Providing its agents with continuing education opportunities appears to be a focus of Coldwell Banker.

The brokerage also appears to value what independent real estate coaches bring to the table, as it has aligned with Tom Ferry.

Dubbed as “one of the most sought after and engaging business coaches in the industry,” by Swanepoel’s Power 200 rankings, Ferry teaches multiple lead generation and conversion techniques and will now provide coaching programs to Coldwell Banker affiliated agents.

“Real estate is an incredibly challenging business, and we are seeing more agents of all experiences recognize that coaching is a business accelerator,” Ferry said in a statement.

His website claims that clients earn, on average, $372,578 gross commission income, which is eight times more than the industry standard.

Included in the customized program Ferry will provide for Coldwell are one-on-one coaching, self-paced online training programs, special event pricing and access to the Tom Ferry REsults App.

“While we continue to innovate with our digital strategy, CBx listing experience application, and the ZAP platform, we know that such tools are most powerful when in the hands of a highly motivated, highly skilled professional,” said Budge Huskey, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker, in a statement.

Additionally, Ferry will appear frequently as a speaker at Coldwell Banker-branded events.

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