Domobase seeks to put homebuyers at the forefront of the real estate market

Define an area and get listings -- or leads
  • Domobase is a new app that connects buyers, tenants with properties and puts them in touch with relevant agents.
  • Domobase wants to disrupt the current online landscape for real estate, and is especially targeted towards time-poor, tech-savvy, well-off people who are new to town.
  • The app will be available for any kind of property search, both commercial and residential.

Looking for a nice villa in the South of France or for some offices in Silicon Valley for your tech startup? A new app that launched on September 1 seeks to disrupt the unsatisfactory listings-dominated real estate market with a more tailored approach. For executives relocating at the drop of a hat, Domobase has been created to help people new to an area with their property search.