What if email autoresponders were no longer a numbers game?

The paradox of quantity over quality
  • To say communication with potential clients is a numbers game rips the soul out of our art -- our connection. What could have been a rich and meaningful exchange between souls, instead becomes a cold and transactional obligation to the numbers game that gets doctored up to look and sound like it has personality.
  • We just need enough people to register on our site or buy enough leads so that our automated follow-up campaigns produce the number of appointments we need to sell what we need to sell to hit our goals.
  • But if we all began to use a better autoresponders, ones that acknowledge that we don't know the clients but would like to on their level, maybe we could change the numbers game into a conversation.

There is cause and effect in the world. It’s undeniable. So we say things like “it’s a numbers game.” Let me go on record and say that it’s true — your success can be distilled down to numbers and the story those numbers tell. But there is a paradox here.