Chris's Stories

When people just call you to work with them, that’s a lead you love. When people call you to work with you because they have followed you and respect you for the value you’ve added to their life — that’s as good as it gets.

Aug 24

To build relationships with more people, find something you love to talk about outside of real estate. This becomes your point of connection.

May 17

Recently, Gary Vaynerchuk spoke at Inman Connect San Francisco and said that every agent is a media company. This has never been more true or more needed than now. We are in a battle for the consumers’ attention. Our ability to create consistent and relevant content will dictate the influence we build and the market share we take.

Oct 11

Your business is your database. I learned that when I first got into real estate over 16 years ago. I believe that simple truth still applies today. However, how we build our database needs an overhaul, and that can be done through content marketing.

Mar 30

Stop deleting people from your database. Why do we go about putting people into our database over time only to then delete them when they don’t engage? The reason they’re not interacting isn’t their fault. It’s ours. So we’re deleting people that could be ideal As.

Mar 17

There’s a trend I’ve noticed lately that will impact how we farm, and it’s gaining in agreement. Jay Baer calls it “youtility.” Gary Vaynerchuk calls it “jabbing.” Seth Godin calls it “marketing with and for people” rather than to and at them. The point is the same. Our efforts to sell and lead generate must evolve to a place where we connect with the people we want to serve in real and genuine ways — helpful ways. Ways that add value to their lives.

Jan 26

Getting out of your comfort zone is bad advice. I can already hear the scoffs and see the eyes rolling about that statement. It’s such a widely held agreement about what creates success. How can I question it? Let me clarify and then explain. I’m not saying we shouldn’t do uncomfortable things — that is inevitable on the path of an entrepreneur.

Nov 18

There is cause and effect in the world. It’s undeniable. So we say things like “it’s a numbers game.” Let me go on record and say that it’s true — your success can be distilled down to numbers and the story those numbers tell. But there is a paradox here.

Oct 28