Digital Marketing Report recap: Video, mobile have little place in agents’ efforts

Report reveals how agents spend money on digital marketing
  • Branded apps have little to no role in the current landscape of digital real estate marketing.
  • Agents who begin to leverage video now will hold a distinct advantage over those who don't, according to this survey's figures.
  • Facebook and email remain the top forms of digital marketing, most likely because they are affordable and easy.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. A recent Inman special report, "Which Digital Marketing Tactics Provide Bang For Your Buck — And Which Are A Bust," provides a tremendous amount of data about how the industry views the efficacy of online marketing. I was surprised by some of the numbers. To wit: 47.4 percent of respondents have never hired a consultant or contractors to assist with digital marketing activities. Wow. I find it surprising, coming from a line of business that prides itself on the importance of industry experience to execute its services. Are agents rolling out digital marketing plans on their own? If so, why? If you're not convinced of a particular tactic's reach, was it the product, your audience or your execution? I wonder how that number -- just below half -- overlaps with the number of real estate agents who have tried but ultimately passed on many of the digita...