Craig's Stories

Maybe it feels to some that such a light, easy product can't handle the financial and metaphorical weight of a closing, but JetClosing is an app that proves otherwise
Apr 9
Agents throughout Century 21 Canada's 400 offices will have access to MoxiWorks solutions through a portal called HUB21
Apr 8
In its first announcement since revealing its intentions to go public, Knock has furthered its footprint in the West and South with 7 new markets, for a total of 34 Home Swap markets
Apr 8
Just like how Slack centralizes and categorizes office communications, HighNote can do the same for your pre-listing pitch, agent or team profiles, local market guides, and all other forms of digital content
Apr 2
The company behind the fast-growing Home Swap program is knocking on Wall Street's door. Knock CEO Sean Black confirms the hiring of Goldman to take his company public
Mar 29
The lending industry is up to its calculators in mortgage refinances right now. Hopefully most of them are going smoother than mine
Mar 27
Consistency in social media marketing is a big challenge for busy agents. Zentap can help those who aren't good at it look like they are
Mar 26
The partnership aims to provide consumers with as immersive and realistic a home tour as possible before seeing it in person
Mar 15