Craig's Stories

Inman puts this question to the test in a 3-part technology series. Let's start with installation
Dec 14
As more cities crack down on short-term rentals, agents and owners are becoming subject to fines and restriction for rental violations, but technology can help
Dec 13
This web-based service turns inspection reports into 98% accurate repair estimates in 24 hours or less — is it too good to be true?
Dec 8
Caryn Kramer sees property ownership as a gateway to helping people — from California all the way to Haiti
Dec 7
Agent-developed app now gives agents access to safety features at no cost
Dec 6
Toronto-based Artifakt Digital is a 10-year-old creative agency that focuses on website solutions for real estate offices
Nov 28
Brokerages in larger urban markets would benefit from home shopper interaction data and graphics
Nov 26
This platform was developed by the computer scientist-husband of an agent to strip down the CRM to its most important features
Nov 23