HomeKynd offers a variety of styles from which to select, so agents don't use the same items from house to house
May 24
The tech accelerator was founded by 2018 Inman Person of the Year Kenya Burrell-VanWormer, chief growth officer at NEO, and Katherine Winston, founding member, marketing head at Plunk
May 23
Email sequences are automated responses that can be based on specific dates and times, responses to previous messages, actions contacts take on a website or a link within a message
May 23
The second largest MLS in the Lone Star State, HAR has 48K members and a reputation for pursuing innovation in the space. This is RentSpree's third MLS partnership in as many weeks
May 23
'Equipping agents with tools to enhance their productivity helps to push the industry forward into the future while creating value for agents at all levels': Sidekick co-founder Michael Martin
May 20
CEO and co-founder Michael Lucarelli has been putting his company in front of multiple listing services for several years as a clever expansion tactic, but with practical ambitions
May 20
A company that builds software for homeowners’ associations, PayHOA, landed a Series A funding round of $27.5M
May 17
Era Ventures, led by Clelia Peters, was the lead investor in the round, its second since October, according to an announcement. Khosla Ventures and Pear VC also contributed to the round
May 17
Both single-family and institutional landlords can benefit from clear graphical breakdown of tenant coverage status
May 17
RentSpree partners with more than 300 associations and MLSs that use its ApplyLink solution to automate application collection, screening, approval and other property management operations
May 15
The mobile solution merges home shopping with mortgage, insurance, title search and escrow management to offer a comprehensive home transaction experience, among other features
May 14
The pre-sale renovation company's latest use of artificial intelligence could reduce subjectivity the next time a real estate agent prices a home or advises a client, Revive executives said Tuesday
May 14
Presentation types are content-flexible, and the UX stays on the sideline, never overwhelming the creative process
May 10
Constant Contact said its intent is to help marketing teams and small businesses get past the most manual and challenging aspects of marketing campaigns: creating and delivering content
May 8
Developed by San Francisco-based boutique brokerage Avenue 8, Sidekick primarily uses a text interface to retrieve data, execute tasks, function much as a common, 'visual' interface would
May 6
The lockbox company continues to build on its new identity as a showing solutions company offering much more than a traditional analog lockbox
May 3
Buyers can request home details via text or email while touring a home, and doing so will provide additional property views and information and alert the listing agent to the interaction
May 2
The local intelligence company's latest tool automatically surfaces locations for homebuyers based on the homes they're already scrolled, offering an alternative to traditional search tactics
May 1
The artificial intelligence-fueled tool allows leasing agents and landlords to generate new leads more efficiently, providing speed without the need for additional personnel, among other benefits
Apr 30
'Leadflow AI Agent also is much more cost-efficient than paying companies like Zillow up to 40% of commission income': Realeflow CEO
Apr 30