What does Nietzsche have to do with reclaimed wood?

A society of perfectionists leads to homebuilding material waste
  • Phillips uses found items in his homes, some of which have fun, creative themes
  • The Phoenix Commotion puts his principles into action
  • Materials that would otherwise end up in landfills helps to build low-income housing

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At first glance, Dan Phillips appears to be a Woodstock leftover, with a silver ponytail and thin frame, and a message of saving the planet. The Houston-area builder erects homes largely using recycled and repurposed materials. And not just removing a door from one frame and hanging it another. In Phillips’ homes, detail may be created by eggshells filled with Bondo, and shattered toilet bowls made to look like textured, wavy tiles on a bathroom wall. In a lively TEDxHouston talk that he gave more than five years ago, one would expect Phillips to expound on the virtues of, well, being virtuous-- saving the planet, using old materials in place of new, and so on. Courtesy of Dan Phillips Yet, Phillips’ philosophy of home construction is handed down from some of the greatest minds of centuries past -- Nietzsche, Plato, and Sartre, to name a few. Phillips weaves a tale of how housing has become like any other prefabricated, mass-produced commodity, and how waste is prev...