Progressive Howard Hanna website gives consumers complete picture of the market

The fourth-largest real estate company in the U.S. provides buyers and sellers with relevant market sales information on new site
  • New Howard Hanna's company website, has been designed with features to help consumers research their property market.
  • The features will give buyers and sellers access to a combined search for active listings, recent sales and public property records.
  • Making your company website as transparent as possible to consumers will help build a more trusting relationship, the company argues.

Two years ago, the Howard Hanna Real Estate management team looked at the information that real estate portals Zillow and were providing to consumers and thought they should be doing more to enhance the consumer experience on their own website. “We pride ourselves on being consumer-centric. We asked: ‘Why are consumers looking at our website and then going to or Zillow to gather research?'” said Hoby Hanna, President of Howard Hanna Midwest.