New tech seamlessly ties for-sale signs to listing pages

Hitchly converts links into phone numbers, offering buyers easy way to pull up listing info on smart phones
  • Hitchly converts links into phone numbers that can be added to for-sale signs and other marketing materials.
  • Consumers who call Hitchly numbers receive texts with links to Web pages, such as listing pages.
  • Service may be better way to tie online marketing to offline marketing than using QR codes.

Homebuyers who stumble upon for-sale signs on properties that strike their fancy often have two ways to learn more about the home: They can tap around on a smart phone to pull up the right listing page or they can call a number on the sign to chat with a stranger. Hitchly provides agents with the option to offer a more seamless way for homebuyers to pull up listing information when they catch sight of an enticing for-sale sign.