3 lessons I learned from the worst year of my life

The loss of my son taught me so much about real estate
  • Support from other agents is invaluable.
  • One of the best advantages of real estate is a flexible schedule.
  • Don't speak poorly of your competitors -- it just makes you look bad.

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It's the end of yet another year for me in real estate. I'm closing in on a decade of being a Realtor now. And as 2015 comes to an end, I find myself contemplating my future like never before. I'm about to tell you why the worst year of my life was still the most successful one, for my bank account and my faith in my profession, and the takeaways I learned this year that will help you in 2016. I've had worst year ever. Most of the time I envision myself standing at the door of 2016 with flying fists, beating on theĀ gateĀ and crying to be let in, while the other half of me can't believe 2015 is over. Where did the time go? Every day I have to figure out what day it is because, in my mind, it's still March 14, 2015, the day my sweet Sawyer passed away in my arms. Don't stop reading now because you think this not the story you thought it would be -- hear me out. You will see how even in the depths of hell, I have found the best part of my career, my co-workers and my f...