Sue's Stories

Not sure how to get started on Instagram, or looking to up your game? Find out how to make it work from one of real estate's best
Nov 21
That bump in the basement might not just be the wind. Watch this spooky short created by Sue 'Pinky' Benson to learn more about the scary side of real estate
Oct 28
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, investors and bargain-hunters may be shopping for a deal. Here's what to watch out for
Oct 27
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, it can be difficult to know what to do to recover. Should you or your client sell a storm-damaged home?
Oct 20
Looking for ways to contribute? Check out these resources to help Realtors and other victims of the storm's deadly havoc
Oct 3
Don't be afraid to get out there and do it
Nov 15
What to do when another agent's buyers come a-callin'
May 31
The Pink Lady of real estate showcases the abode
Mar 31