Smart home technology: the cherry on top for homebuyers?

Coldwell Banker survey finds that automated home systems are on the rise
  • According to a Harris Poll survey conducted on the behalf of Coldwell Banker, automated home systems that improve security and convenience or serve to entertain are becoming more mainstream.
  • More than half of the survey participants wary of smart home tech adoption indicated that if the products would expedite selling their home, they'd invest in it.
  • One product is not enough to make a home "smart." The majority agree that to achieve this status, you need at least three different categories of smart products within a property.

Could the ability to flip the lights on from the comfort of your tablet move your home in a competitive seller’s market? Many Americans are keen to own or invest in smart home technology, particularly if it will help sell their homes faster, according to a recent survey by Coldwell Banker.