Opinion: How to be a totally fearless real estate agent

The conscious professional doesn't wither against competition
  • If you feel threatened by discount brokerages, your gut is telling you it's time to up the level of how and what you deliver in your business.
  • Nothing impacts the dollar value a homeseller receives more than the agent they choose to manage the process.
  • Improving the systems you incorporate in your homeselling process is the starting point to creating the "unfair advantage" that positions your clients for the best results.

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It seems we, as an industry, are constantly inviting new variations of discount brokerages into our arena. I remember how bothered I used to get when the newest brokerage of this kind would show up in my market. I see now that the disdain and disrespect I had for these new real estate companies came from my fear of scarcity. I realize how much misguided energy I gave to these "discount competitors." Threatening industry forces Environments operate within the principles of cause and effect, and our real estate sales industry is no different. Discount brokerages exist because people within our industry -- and some who are on the outside looking in -- see an opportunity to benefit monetarily by offering the same services for a lesser charge. The industry has made room and created this vacuum because of how we are perceived by the consumer. The genesis, as I see it, of discount brokerages is basic single-cell evolution, or "amoeba" thinking, and the lowest form of industry crea...