Eric's Stories


It seems we as an industry are constantly inviting new variations of discount brokerages into our arena. I remember how bothered I used to get when the newest brokerage of this kind would show up in my market.

Jan 15

Over my years of applying my trade as a real estate sales professional, I have come to separate those of us who are licensed to sell real estate into two camps: advisers and order-takers. So I to pose this question to you, which one are you?

Oct 1

Since their inception, real estate sales teams have signified a certain level of accomplishment and status within the real estate sales industry. The common perception within the industry and with most of the consumers is the larger the team, the greater the success. There are many pros and cons regarding real estate sales teams that are not often obvious or shared within and outside our industry.

Aug 14

Differentiation — at its core — means to constitute a difference between or specialize in structure or functions to acquire a distinctive and separate character. That sounds intriguing, right? Let’s look at the reasons why an agent would want to differentiate himself and his business model.

Jun 26

Have we as real estate agents lost sight of who or what we are? If this question strikes you as odd, then ask yourself this: “Who does my business model serve?” You immediate response is likely going to be “my clients.” To which I would then ask you, “Are you sure, and how do you quantify that claim?”

Jun 19

As a Realtor, I have always been frustrated by the consumer’s perception of us. Inman has published research findings from studies done by the University of Central Florida that substantiated the consumer’s less than high regard of Realtors, as well as the service and expertise provided by them.

May 28