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Redevelopment of Port Covington in Baltimore by Under Armour and Sagamore Development will encompass 240 acres

Founder of Under Armour behind the sizable, mixed-used development
  • Construction of Under Armour's new campus is already underway, with Plank slated to construct a whiskey distillery shortly.
  • City hopes for Port Covington to include a mix of residential unit types.
  • Redevelopment project's build out is at least 10 to 15 years.

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A collection of various industrial land is slated to become Baltimore's newest community in the next 10 to 15 years. Earlier this month Kevin Plank, founder of Baltimore-based Under Armour, and his real estate arm Sagamore Development submitted plans to the city for a mixed-use waterfront development that would completely redevelop the metro's Port Covington area. "It's a very disjointed set of land uses that exist there today," said Thomas Stosur, director of the city's Department of Planning. "The city is 100 percent behind the vision to redevelopment the area." The project would utilize at least 240 acres of land, with the goal of creating roughly 13 million square feet of residential, office, retail, restaurant and other commercial space. Plans also call for the area's littered shoreline to be cleaned up and restored with parks and running paths. As with any project of this size, the addition of new streets, utilities and transit are also included. The residential ...