OneRent eases the rental process for San Francisco landlords, property managers

Site provides for consistency and speed in rental process
  • OneRent connects small property owners and potential renters.
  • The service improves upon the standard small property management model.
  • Software behind the curtain at OneRent "Uberizes" parts of the property management process.

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It’s the age-old conundrum in renting small properties: there are fewer units available for rent, yet finding that small group of potentially perfect tenants can be tough. Enter OneRent.  Fortunately for Bay Area, and now a few select Seattle property owners, OneRent has left its beta phase and now is ready to be fully operational what it calls its “end-to-end residential rental service.” connects owners and tenants at the smaller end of the rental market. It can serve anyone from one person trying to rent out a single home, to buildings with 20 units. Ideally, due to their current infrastructure capabilities, is between one and 16 units available for rent. And all this comes at a great price to the property owner: OneRent charges a minimum fee of $100 per month per unit, or 5 percent of the monthly rent. Co-founders Greg Toschi and Chuck Hattemer said that the idea for OneRent grew out of their own rental experiences. They and two other partners ...