The 5 biggest myths in real estate, dispelled

These assumptions may be hindering your business
  • You can't count on everyone who asks you a question online to become a viable lead.
  • Your brand as a broker or agent is less important on the Web than your ability to provide stellar service and an abundance of listings.
  • There is a human being at the center of every real estate transaction. And it's not you.

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The residential real estate industry has for years believed in truths that, well, could be argued as simply untrue. And, at best, I think these things are myths. Bombarded by new approaches, tales of opportunity, shiny objects and sensational threats about the demise of the industry, people in real estate have come to accept notions and ideas that could be debated. So what are these things and why are they thought to be false? Because the promise they made to the industry has not been kept. So, I have chosen what I believe to be the top five myths to explore today. 1. Internet leads are leads There is no doubt that we have been sold “leads” when someone inquiries about us online, but are they really leads? I suppose at least a part of that belief is due to what we have been charged for these online leads. If we paid for the online leads, the assumption is that they must have some value. At least they are of higher quality than traditional inquiries. Or are th...