Kenneth's Stories


Many in real estate likely read with satisfaction Teke Wiggins’s story about Xome being placed on the auction block. Another real estate start-up bites the dust — the latest in a long line of them. By extension, that means the traditional brokerage model persists. And that traditional real estate remains to be alive and well.

Jun 30

The MLS must go. What the industry needs now is a viable alternative to the industry’s historic set of data services. What the industry needs now is essentially a cure for MLS. So let’s cut to the cord. I am proposing something new, fresh and unique.

Jul 28

I will never forget the advice my mentor gave me: If you think you are a leader — the true test of leadership is to simply turn around and see if anyone is following you.

Mar 3

Many months ago I wrote for Inman about something I named the “CX,” the consumer experience. I’m not talking about the user interface (UI) or the user experience (UX), but this elusive thing called the CX.

Feb 11

Bombarded by new approaches, tales of opportunity, shiny objects and sensational threats about the demise of the industry, people in real estate have come to accept notions and ideas that could be debated.

Feb 3

Since the days of Consumers Digest, people have always depended on the opinions of third-party sources when selecting products and services. Big data has the answers, and up to this point, it hasn’t been usable for consumers. But RealtyTrac stepped in and changed all that.

Jan 22

Today the industry is screaming about a lot of things, but most of them are centered on losing control of the consumer. And, of course, the entrance of others that seem to understand the needs of the consumer better than the industry.

Dec 18

Despite the hype about the Upstream and Broker Public Portal projects, I am not impressed. Aren’t they another example of classic industry “inside jobs”? Here’s why I say that. Dial back. The Realty Alliance brokers collaborate and speak out on their business issues with the MLS industry. Then they publish a list of demanded changes for the MLSs — or else.

Nov 13