How 1 former lawyer found fulfillment in real estate

Boris Sharapan talks about his journey from lawyer to part-time agent to team leader
  • Working part-time at real estate while holding down your "real" job can be a good way of seeing if real estate is your passion
  • Helping long-term clients when they become landlords can help make for a long fruitful relationship.
  • When building a team, don't hold back what you know from your team -- they should know everything you know.

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The children of immigrant families often face high expectations to take advantage of the educational opportunities available in the U.S. Their parents want them to enter respected professions that can be relied upon to give them a good standard of living after all the sacrifices that have been made to get them here. And so it was for Boris Sharapan, a native Russian, who was born in Ukraine while it was still part of the Soviet Union and immigrated to New York when he was young. But in his teens, he worked in his father's real estate firm in Brooklyn and caught the property bug. He was so interested in real estate that he sat the real estate agent licensing exam at 18, while his friends were doing nothing over the summer break between high school and college. Then he went off to college to study law. "I always knew I loved real estate, but my parents wanted me to do more -- to be a doctor or a lawyer," he said. Real estate as a second career After graduating, he worked a...