@properties sold $7.3 billion in Chicagoland home sales in 2015

  • The firm hired 370 new agents last year.
  • Because of significant marketing costs the firm focuses on higher commission listings.
  • @properties accounted for $4 billion of sales in the city of Chicago.

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Last year, Chicagoland home sales volume was up by roughly 10 percent. One brokerage that accounted for a sizable volume these closings was @properties. The Chicago-based brokerage closed 15,632 transactions worth a total of $7.349 billion last year. This sales volume total represents the firm's highest annual tally in its history. "We outpaced the market," said Michael Golden, co-founder of @properties, adding the brokerage's sales volume grew by roughly 28 percent on a year-over-year basis. In the city of Chicago alone @properties closed more than $4 billion of sales in 2015, which accounted for nearly 19 percent of total market share. On the North Shore, the firm was the second largest brokerage, accounting for 23 percent of the market's sales volume. Screen shot of @properties' homepage. In total the brokerage, which includes roughly 2,000 agents, closed 15,632 transactions last year. The average sales price of those transactions, $470,000, is one reason @proper...