New SkySlope integration features come with email requirement

Re/Max Results requested the new feature to bridge communication and improve the client experience
  • Updater and SkySlope's integration and new features become available to all SkySlope clients on Feb. 8.
  • The new feature requires agents to enter client information so they can offer the Updater integration to clients.
  • Updater hopes to remedy the client privacy concern with a privacy pledge that educates agents and clients on how their information is used.

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Data. This word has been at the center of many recent debates in the real estate industry, from who rightfully owns and controls the data, to how it's displayed, disseminated and ultimately used. Although most of the conversation seems to focus on listing data, the people at Updater and SkySlope have decided to tackle the issue of client data and how some brokerages inappropriately use it. Updater is a software that streamlines the moving process by allowing users to update their account information, connect utilities and forward their mail in one clean sweep. The software, which is available for individual use, is also available for brokerages to offer to their agents. SkySlope teamed up with Updater to fully complete the contract-to-close loop. The only issue was that some agents weren't entering the client information needed to fully use the integration. Why? Mistrust that leads to missed opportunities Jenna Weinerman, marketing director at Updater, said that the...