DC commuters are increasingly opting to bike to work

10 percent to 20 percent of residents in certain neighborhoods commute by bike
  • 20 percent of residents in Bloomingdale, Petworth and Mount Pleasant commute by bike.
  • Eight D.C. neighborhoods have a walk score of 90 or higher.
  • Issues regarding car parking and new residents are holding up the protected bike lane project.

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DC is already considered a bike-friendly major market that features a growing percentage of residents who bike to work. A project being pushed by the District Department of Transportation (DDT) looks to increase downtown's bike-ability by installing protected bike lanes, which are physically seperated from general travel lanes, from downtown/national mall to the north end of downtown. "This project will fill in the gap connecting downtown and the Pennsylvania Avenue lanes to the neighborhoods north of downtown, which have the highest rates of commuting by bicycle in the District," according to DDT. Those in opposition of the bike lanes argue their installation would eliminate parking and only cater to younger residents. While the DDT argues increased ridership and safety issues point to a bike lane system that must be improved. DC neighborhoods fueled by bike commuters A recent protected bike lane study from the DDT estimated that more than 10 percent of residents in...