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Live Baltimore boasts about city’s low cost of living against DC

Highlighting price differential is group's marketing strategy
  • Live Baltimore is a nonprofit that sells potential residents on calling Baltimore home.
  • Recent print ad and social media campaigns by the group showcase Baltimore's lower housing costs.
  • Even with a recent increase in MARC transit prices, fares are still less than parking in D.C., and the train is less hassle than driving.

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It’s not your imagination: as prices heat up in major metros such as Washington, D.C., cities that hug the big metro’s perimeter are ramping up promotional efforts concerning their towns. Anything from fresh websites to promotional campaigns large and small is part of the mix to sell outlying, lower-cost area to potential homebuyers is fair game. Case in point is Live Baltimore. Baltimore, USA - July 29, 2011. In its latest ad, which is making waves, two eerily similar houses are pictured next to each other. One is close to Union Station in DC proper, the other is near Penn Station in Baltimore. The difference is not only an hour’s train ride - one house costs more than twice the other. The house with the DC address is $669,000; the Maryland home goes for $299,000. The number of workers commuting from Baltimore to DC isn’t huge, but there is definitely a growing population of them. Numbers drawn from U.S. Census data show that the number almost doubled...