Podcast: The real estate agent’s pre-listing prayer and routine

What's your mindset when you knock on that seller's door?
  • If you're running low on energy and enthusiasm, getting off your behind and going for a walk will do you a lot of good.
  • Oftentimes the reason you don't go after the listing comes down to how you feel internally.
  • Take action, even if you don't feel 100-percent ready.

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What’s the key to being a successful real estate agent? The answer is being the best listing agent you can be. There’s no crime in being a great buyer agent, but true long-term real estate success comes out of your listings.

Buyer agents come and go in the industry. That’s why it’s commonly said, ‘you’ve got to list to last.'”]

To list effectively, you need one heck of a pre-listing package and routine to make sure that you win those listing presentations.

Today we’re discussing your pre-listing mindset, preparation and routine. We’re also going to give you our very own “pre-listing prayer” to help you focus on winning the presentation. And remember, when you pray, move your feet.


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