Podcast: The real reasons you aren’t rich (part 2)

And practical changes to help you get there
  • Find your own opportunities to invest -- don't wait for your accountant, spouse or various team managers to tell you what to do.

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Being rich doesn’t just happen. It starts with a mindset about money, wealth and long-term success. Then it’s followed by taking the right actions on a daily basis to get there. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to improve your habits after you score the “big deal,” either.

Rich real estate agents make financial decisions on a daily basis that preserve and increase their wealth. They pay themselves a salary at the same time they’re paying their bills. They pay off their taxes and credit cards, and eliminate the hidden drains on their income.

In case you missed part one, today we’re continuing our discussion of why you’re not rich and offering practical changes you can make to start changing your mindset, building wealth and moving toward a favorable financial position.


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