Should you use your broker’s real estate technology?

Should you use your broker's real estate technology? Part 1: The tech report

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Cathy Daniel, an agent at Brentwood, California-based RidgeWater Real Estate Services, said she learned the hard way that using a company email address can come back to bite you. Leaving behind a company email address after she switched to a new brokerage caused one of her prospects, an older couple, to hire a listing agent who shared Daniel’s name and hair color (blonde), she said. The couple had called her previous brokerage after failing to reach Daniel through email. They were matched with another Cindy, whom the couple mistook for Daniel, according to Daniel. “The sellers’ faces were like, ‘Oh, my god,'” Daniel said of their reaction to seeing her when she showed their home to a buyer. “We thought we listed with you.” Cathy Daniel If Daniel had not been required to use a company email address at her previous brokerage, she decided, she would not have lost the listing -- a property that she said sold for $1.5 million. Daniel’s cautionary tale ...