3 reasons you’re not making more money in real estate

And what to do to rectify the situation
  • Commit to your craft: The day you think you know it all, or have heard it all, is the day your decline will begin.
  • Get accountable: Find an accountability buddy or hire a coach.
  • Work on your mind: What you focus on and think about matters. Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.

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For more than five years, we’ve traveled the country teaching real estate agents on a wide-variety of topics ranging from short sales to lead generation to hiring. After teaching thousands of real estate agents, it’s unfortunate to watch many agents distracted by the “shiny objects” that imprison them in their current financial situation while watching many more go broke before ultimately leaving the business. Rrraum / Every year, hundreds of thousands of new real estate agents “come in the front door of the business” while nearly the same number of real estate agents “exit out the back door of the industry.” I’ve heard (not verified) that the attrition rate could be as high as 30 percent -- what is wrong with this picture? Of the nearly 2 million licensed real estate agents (according to the National Association of Realtors) throughout the United States, very few are prospering at the level they once imagined. The dream of six-figure inco...