How to build an expansion team that’s right for you

A deep dive into how 4 agents -- independent and franchise -- are rolling out their expansion teams
  • Stretching yourself too thin can be bad for your own business in your own market.
  • There should be lead generation and a familiarization of a town's culture before entering a new market.
  • Don’t expand outside your state unless you have a recognizable brand to support your growth.
  • Think about using a big real estate website to expand your brand.

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Kris Lindahl's expansion team website "pillars" Kris Lindahl 4 sites to rule them all In 2014, Re/Max Result's Kris Lindahl made some key strategic moves. He bought four big real estate website names in his operating state of Minnesota for hundreds of thousands of dollars in just four days. They were,, and "I saw a lot of people who had one website that did particularly well for them," said Lindahl. "I thought, why don’t I try to get all of them?" The expansion team leader uses Re/Max Results' company's network of 34 offices in his state of Minnesota for his team of 14. He has a hub in Blaine, Minnesota, and does business into Western Wisconsin. The four websites are now the "main pillars" of his expansion team, he said. "I am expanding through Internet and SEO with really big websites," he said. The websites generate leads for agents, and they appeal to sellers an...