Average rent in Manhattan shows slight year-over-year decline, report says

Tribeca and SoHo prices drop, Battery Park City popularity increases since 2015
  • Rental prices tend to dip during the dead of the winter, and even high-end markets like Manhattan aren’t immune to fluctuations.
  • Although averages seem only minimally affected, renters have more negotiating power due to higher vacancy rates, so lessees with some determination might be able to receive higher reductions.
  • Tribeca took the biggest hit this time around, with non-doorman one-bedrooms down 23.9 percent between December and January.
  • Battery Park City average rent increased 5.8 percent since January 2015.

The priciest rental market in New York City experienced a slightly difficult start to 2016, according to the MNS January Market Report. Month-over-month, rents declined .96 percent, as they were up to $3,911 in December. Average rents in Manhattan slid to $3,873 in January from $3,923 this time last year, a 1.39 percent drop.