Google’s mortgage comparison tool exits the Internet

Ad revenue is just not enough from financial services comparison service, Google Compare.
  • The Google mortgage shopping tool announced in November 2015 was part of the Google Compare service.
  • The mortgage comparison tool was powered by Zillow and LendingTree, among other partners.
  • The entire Google Compare service has not attracted the ad revenue that was expected, and thus is being shuttered.

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A new Google mortgage comparison tool introduced in November last year is part of the collateral damage affiliated with the entire shutdown of Google Compare this week. Google Compare was a specialized, stand-alone service for consumers to gather quotes from a number of providers for financial products, such as car and travel insurance, credit cards and mortgages. Although a consumer service, it was ultimately an advertising product for the financial service industry. Zillow Group and LendingTree were helping power Google Compare's mortgage information. In a letter to Google Compare partners, Google said it would start ramping down the Google Compare product from today and terminate the service by March 23 in both the U.S. and the U.K. It said: "Despite people turning to Google for financial services information, the Google Compare service itself hasn’t driven the success we hoped for. We greatly appreciate your partnership and understand that this decision will be d...