Renters in the Bay Area are feeling the squeeze

AppFolio survey sees millennial preferences and issues looming large in San Francisco
  • San Francisco renters race to find appropriate rental housing in a tight market.
  • AppFolioProperty Management can streamline the rental process, especially in tight markets where people want to rent a unit on the spot.
  • The company conducted a survey which found that in cities such as San Francisco, some renters don't blink at paying more than half of their monthly income for housing.

In a recent survey commissioned by a software company in the property management space, some of San Francisco’s key issues stood out. First, the tight supply in San Francisco, and all of the related economic consequences loomed large. And, related to that strain, a large percentage of millennials, who make up a hefty chunk of the city’s renters, admit to spending a huge percentage of their incomes to keep a roof over their heads.