The 5-card draw of full baths

What defines this typical dwelling category?
  • The definition of a "full bath" depends on the market, and agents have to know their market to avoid false advertising.

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When you look at a listing that boasts a "full bath," what do you envision? A sink, toilet, shower and tub? Or does a sink, toilet and shower suffice? The members of Lab Coat Agents parsed the issue and found that the answers were not quite as varied as Baskin Robbins' 31 flavors -- but there were at least five different ways a home's number of baths might be tallied based on state, region, buyer, seller, the MLS and your math skills. 1. You're all in with toilet, sink and shower New York Realtors Billy Rugen and Lauren Fernandes say a bathroom can have a toilet, sink and shower and still be considered a full bath. Fernandes pointed out that defining what a "full bath" is in New York City can be difficult, especially since there are plenty of older structures with layouts that are no longer used. "In New York City, a shower definitely counts as a full bath," she said. "There are old buildings here where the bath is in the kitchen!" 2. Tub or bust Lissa De...