Re/Max execs prioritize quality over quantity

President and co-founder give their view of the competitive real estate market
  • Re/Max president Geoff Lewis views Keller Williams as the company's biggest competitor when it comes to recruiting.
  • The franchisor will be striving to continue taking market share from other brands as the housing market grows relatively slowly.
  • Lewis said Upstream would be the biggest thing to happen to the real estate industry since MLSs.

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At today's Re/Max R4 gathering, comments made by some of the top voices at the company indicate that they aren't concerned about other franchisors hiring high quantities of agents -- because they maintain the quality. The elephant in the room Dave Liniger "Keller Williams have positioned themselves as a family where everyone is valuable, and they take everybody," said Re/Max CEO Dave Liniger, speaking at an exclusive Inman Select Live session at the company's annual conference, taking place this year in Las Vegas. "I have heard 50 percent of their agents have not taken a commission in 12 months -- but they do have some quality agents," he allowed. Geoff Lewis The shared equity program at Keller Williams would not trump Re/Max when recruiting agents, said president Geoff Lewis. That worked out well earlier on for Keller Williams when there were fewer agents, but with bigger agent numbers, he said the profit sharing returns have shrunk per agent to about $1,800 a year....