7 cues a homebuyer is ready to make an offer

Body language, lovey-dovey behavior and taking possession among cues that a buyer is ready to bid
  • Certain types of body language, 'lovey-dovey' behavior, taking possession and bringing up family get-togethers are among cues that a buyer is ready to pull the trigger, agents say.

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Quickly sensing that a client is ready to make an offer can mean the difference between helping her nab the home of her dreams and letting the property slip through her fingers. "With low inventory and multiple offers, we have to move quickly," said Gloria Commiso, an agent at Hermosa Beach, California-based Keller Williams Beach Cities. "Also, buyers can get in their own way and pass on properties because they think they need to see more." That's why real estate agents "really have to look for cues," she said. Some cues, such as if a client says "I can see myself living here," are pretty obvious. But others -- like a couple's tendency to stand closer together -- may only be visible to the trained eye. Drawing on a recent conversation in Lab Coat Agents, Inman has compiled a list of seven signs that a buyer may be interested in writing an offer. These cues shouldn't encourage high-pressure selling, Commiso said. Rather, they should help agents "recogni...