HomeAhead Wishlist makes good on its home browsing promise

Valuable Chrome extension now a full-featured app for Android and iOS
  • More software experiences are enabling buyers to invite friends and family into the home search process in public forums, introducing a new sales dynamic for agents.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. When I first reviewed HomeAhead Wishlist, it lived as an extension on Chrome -- a small visual representation of what I believed to be a big idea. With its latest update, the software's feature list is now much more aligned with that big idea. Actually, this is much more than update -- it's a new product. The skeleton remains the same: buyers can assemble and prioritize a Wishlist of properties they want to consider and possibly tour. Agents are alerted when a client adds new a home to the list and have the chance to drag and drop a property card to reprioritize or submit some comments. And like the buyer's friends or family, agents also comment and share feedback on the listing. Clearly, that skeleton now has a lot more muscle around it. For starters, HomeAhead Wishlist is now an Android and iOS app. (The Chrome extension is still availabl...