Why this successful broker-owner returned to selling full-time

Mary Anne Fitch sold her high-end boutique business to become an agent again -- and she couldn't be happier
  • Mary Anne Fitch, owner of Maui Estates International, has sold her company to Hawaii Life Real Estate and joined the business.
  • Leaving her broker/owner role behind, she is concentrating on selling high-end property.
  • She said she is able to focus on the areas of real estate she really enjoys, and Hawaii Life has the advantage of her footprint and network.

When Mary Anne Fitch sold her high-end boutique business, Maui Estates International, to Hawaii Life, she didn’t know much about the vacation rentals side of the Hawaii Life business. But Hawaii Life owner, Matt Beall, made a point of introducing her to it early on after she joined the business at the end of January.