Brookfield Residential designs sustainable model home in DC metro

Energy-savings features add more than $100,000 to the cost of the home
  • The home's design will save resident around $2,100 annuals in gas and electric bills.
  • The PureBlue home's energy-savings features add at least $105,000 to the cost of the home.
  • Brookfield has a community of townhomes in Glen Burnie that come standard with solar panels.

Near Bristow, Va., publicly traded homebuilder Brookfield Residential has created what is being dubbed as one the most energy-efficient model homes in the D.C. metro area. Referred to as "PureBlue," the 4,100-square-foot home is a souped-up version of the builder's Edison model. The energy conservation features incorporated into the home's design will save residents around $2,100 in gas and electric bills annually compared to standard-performance neighborhood home of similar size, according to Elliot Seibert, senior building systems engineer for Steven Winter Associates (SWA), a research and consulting firm. SWA, along with Mark Leahy of Pinnacle Design, aided Brookfield in creating a balance between the home's efficiency measures and solar panels so net-zero energy goals could be obtained. Sustainable home features The PureBlue model cuts its heating and cooling loads via the integration of SIP wall panels, triple-pane windows and an energy recovery ventilator, accordin...