Can FHA laws protect New Yorkers from pet restrictions?

Pet Friendly Realty connects clients with therapists to determine emotional support qualification
  • In New York City, 75 percent of rentals and 45 percent of condos ban pets, according to Pet Friendly Realty.
  • There are two sets of rules for fair housing as they relate to allowing service animals: One is for medical needs, like blindness, and the other -- considered a level below -- is for emotional issues.
  • Assuming the renter or buyer is prequalified, Pet Friendly Realty will ask clients to go to a small network of psychotherapists for formal assessments.
  • Once a client is approved for an emotional support animal, any building is now a pet-friendly building, according to the real estate firm's founder.

Many argue their pet is essentially a member of the family, but running into restrictions at condos and rentals is common, especially in New York.