Setting an endgame for MLS consolidation

We have to determine the long-term goal before moving forward
  • Criteria should be established for determining the future endgame for MLS consolidation.
  • Enabling professionals to best serve consumers across an entire market should be the main driver.
  • Core standards for MLSs should be established, as they have been for associations.

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Why are there still so many MLSs? I'd argue it's mainly because we don't have the answer to other questions: How many MLSs should there be, and where are their borders? Should there be six MLSs? 30? 60? 100? One? Can anyone be held accountable for not meeting a goal that has not been set? Before we consider how to achieve a goal that will enable consolidation, we need to know what that goal -- the win condition -- is. Obstacles ahead Clareity Consulting is planning a study to figure out the MLS regionalization win condition. We believe that the industry first needs to understand what the consumer considers to be a natural market area. If someone gets a job in Manhattan, he or she might end up living in a house in that borough (with two MLSs), one of the outer boroughs or Long Island (several other MLSs) or take the train up to Westchester or Connecticut or New Jersey (even more MLSs). How can agents serve their customers when they can't set up a single prospect searc...