The 4 keys to building a killer referral network

Having a support system is paramount to your success
  • Creating a broker referral network can double your business.
  • Find like-minded agents who have a similar philosophy on customer service.
  • Face-to-face meetings go a long way in creating lasting relationships.

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A wise manager once told me the secret to increasing my business: start a referral network. It sounds simple, but so few brokers take the time to do it. When done properly, over half of your business could come from other brokers. My company is international and has a built-in referral network locally and internationally, but I took it a step further to find like-minded brokers within my network. My clients are from all over the world, and providing seamless service for them -- wherever they are -- is a must. It is time-consuming, but isn't that what we have to offer our clients: our time? Here's how I did it. 1. Connect through listings Do your clients invest where they live or outside their main residence? As cities get more and more cost prohibitive, people often rent in the city and purchase homes in the suburbs. Maybe your town is the opposite with empty nesters selling their homes and moving into the city. I looked for agents selling homes in my client's price ...