Podcast: Is ego robbing your life and business? (part 2)

Squash this basic instinct rooted in fear
  • The ego is like your old operating system, and it comes into play during adolescence.
  • As an adult, you can choose whether the ego will affect your life.

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Now that you’ve identified whether you have an ego challenge (hint: we all do), in this second part of the series, Tim and Julie Harris give practical tips on how to eliminate the ego so you can make more money.

Remember this hard truth: your clients don’t care about you. They care about what you can do for them. So, make it all about them. Want a challenge? Start listening (really listening) and stop talking about yourself.

The 11 practical tips in this podcast will be some of the hardest (but more rewarding) things you will tackle. The tools you need are innately within you, you just have to flex your “present” muscles and resist living in the past or the future.

How do you know if the monster ego has risen up in you again? Do self-checks throughout the day. Learn to recognize it, and then use these tips to squash the ego before it shuts you out of making a profit.


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