How to win high-end clients while driving a clunker

Silly string trucks, bright makeup and Chucks: the power of an authentic first impression
  • Many agents feel the pressure to drive fancy cars in order to project an air of success.
  • One agent, Jessica Diane Moers, shared her frustrations and revelations surrounding this issue on agent Facebook group "Out of the Box Owl."
  • Moers realized her clients didn't care about her car, and she's decided to make it part of her brand. In the end, she encourages agents to accept themselves and their individuality.

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries, and agents are constantly looking for ways to stand out, whether it’s through an engaging social media strategy, catchy marketing or even having a fly wardrobe and fancy car to boot. When one agent couldn’t afford to upgrade from her 2000 Ford Explorer — featuring paint embedded with silly string and shoe polish — she made the truck’s character part of her brand. And it’s paying off.