How to win high-end clients while driving a clunker

Silly string trucks, bright makeup and Chucks: the power of an authentic first impression
  • Many agents feel the pressure to drive fancy cars in order to project an air of success.
  • One agent, Jessica Diane Moers, shared her frustrations and revelations surrounding this issue on agent Facebook group "Out of the Box Owl."
  • Moers realized her clients didn't care about her car, and she's decided to make it part of her brand. In the end, she encourages agents to accept themselves and their individuality.

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In a highly competitive and image-driven world, many people feel the pressure to make the best first impression. Real estate is one of the most competitive industries, and agents are constantly looking for ways to stand out, whether it's through an engaging social media strategy, catchy marketing or even having a fly wardrobe and fancy car to boot. So, what happens when an agent can't afford to roll up in a Rolls-Royce? Are they doomed to be unsuccessful? Jessica Diane Moers, a newbie agent from Texas, grappled with this issue and decided to share her story on the Out of the Box Owl Facebook group. She wrote: Moers says her fellow agents never made disparaging comments about her car, nor did they encourage her to buy another one. But, she says, some of the anxiety came from family and friends who would jokingly ask: "You're going to drive clients around in that thing?" She felt those comments and questions implied that she needed to put on an air of success to ...