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6 tips for pitching your listing to real estate reality TV

Sara Gore of "Open House" advises agents to get creative, visual and personal
  • The key to getting started is doing your homework and pitching properly.
  • When formulating your pitch, think about how it would be presented on the show.
  • Address the person you're trying to reach by name and spell out exactly why he or she would be interested in your listing.
  • Get creative. If it's not the best property, sell yourself.

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Getting your listing featured on a television show such as "Open House" is priceless platinum exposure. But how does an agent get started? That's exactly what Samantha DeBianchi of "Million Dollar Listing Miami" notoriety and Sara Gore, host of "Open House," sat down to talk about at Global Connect. Sara Gore | Image courtesy of NBC Gore said the key to getting started is doing your homework and pitching properly. She suggests starting by reading the real estate sections of newspapers and magazines as well as columns and watching real estate TV. Here are six tips we gleaned from "Television and Real Estate: Breaking Through And Getting On-Air" at Global Connect: 1. Tell the story Generally, $10 million-plus homes make the cut, but that's just because they have more to offer. However, story will trump price any day. For example, Gore said, her team featured a somewhat unassuming yellow home that was listed around $8 million -- because it was the former retreat of ...