How to become the go-to agent for big investors

These partners aren't like your other clients
  • Never "pre-judge" a client -- the clients you want to be doing business with long-term are most likely not the ones that show off wealth in an ostentatious manner. Your attitude and respect for both the client and the process can get you in.
  • Transparency is the best policy, no matter how bad the news. Delivering bad news as quickly as possible enables both you and your client to tackle issues head-on. Respect ensues.
  • Be willing to walk away if a relationship isn't right for you. You are just as important in this equation as your client. There is no need to stay in a "partnership" that is disrespectful or lopsided.

Many real estate agents and brokers around the country have profited to a huge degree from having one, two or even three or more big investors who use them exclusively.