How to become a home maintenance maven

Tips for property owners improving their abodes
  • The majority of American homeowners (88 percent) feel confident in knowing how to upkeep their homes.
  • Fifty-nine percent of millennial owners think they're better than a pro at home maintenance. But most aren't.
  • A lack of knowledge doesn't stop many from tackling home improvement problems; 67 percent of homeowners have tried to do a major home project -- without a pro.

Time is money, and no one wants to spend more of either. But there are ways to stay ahead of costly repairs that could result in DIY fails — or worse — insurance claims.

Here are 5 expert tips on how to become a home maintenance maven.

  1. Set aside an annual budget of 1 percent of your home’s value for just-in-case situations.
  2. Hire credible professionals to ensure home maintenance projects are done right.
  3. Learn which projects are appropriate for DIY-oriented homeowners.
  4. Clean, inspect and check home maintenance systems on a regular basis to avoid claims.
  5. Know what your homeowners insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t.

This infographic was contributed by Esurance