Truong My Lan was at the center of the sprawling fraud case, accused of embezzling as much as $12.5B. A court sentenced her to death on Thursday as part of an anti-corruption crackdown
by Taylor Anderson Apr 11
United States property investors are putting the pedal to the metal and feeling optimistic despite a turbulent housing market
by Ben Verde Apr 11
Agents willing to collaborate with reputable wholesalers tap into new market segments, Andrew Helling writes, elevate their own service offerings and capture listings from motivated sellers
by Andrew Helling Apr 11
Five investor-agents, each of whom has achieved success on both sides of the equation, shared their actionable insights and winning formulas for nailing a pivotal but tricky professional shift
by Ben Verde Apr 9
Routine cleaning and maintenance saves both time and money, RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone writes, can retain or increase property value and attracts qualified tenants
by Ryan Barone Apr 8
Build-to-rent represents an emerging subset of the economically and regionally resilient single-family rental market, writes investment strategist Michael Zaransky
by Michael Zaransky Apr 2
If you plan to help out with your kids' college tuition, there are a variety of real estate investment strategies that can help
by G. Brian Davis Apr 1
With new and evolving software solutions, multifamily expert Andy Larson writes, landlords thrive in the rental market by letting automation, big data and smart spaces do much of the heavy lifting
by Andy Larson Mar 19
Jon Gray described the current market as a 'bottoming period' that should inspire investors to get moving on new purchases and said those who move fast stand to be rewarded once prices recover
by Ben Verde Mar 18
Zillow Chief Economist Skylar Olsen said these markets are ideal cities for real estate investors to purchase properties in the coming years
by Ben Verde Mar 12
SparkRental co-founder G. Brian Davis on why you need to balance your portfolio with a variety of investment styles and terms
by G. Brian Davis Mar 12
With some areas seeing rising prices and low supply, Clever's Luke Babich writes, many would-be homeowners are looking into unconventional routes to homeownership, including short sales
by Luke Babich Mar 11
Multifamily investors can thrive even during periods of more moderate growth by understanding their renters, markets and properties, Michael Zaransky writes
by Michael Zaransky Mar 11
With ⅛ shares available for $840K, the latest opportunity also marks Pacaso's first venture alongside a dedicated homegoods partner
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 7
A 160-square-foot backyard residence in the Las Vegas Valley asking $950 a month has received over 100 inquiries from tenants
by Ben Verde Mar 5
Suburban multifamily housing continues its growth surge, particularly in the single-family and build-to-rent markets, multifamily expert Michael Zaransky writes
by Michael Zaransky Mar 5