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Agents who want a portfolio of rentals may find success with atypical properties and creative financing solutions
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Want to put your expertise to work to magnify your bottom line and your legacy? Consider investing
A new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing indicates the company has already raised about $2.3M during its latest funding round
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jan 23 just scored $33M from big-name investors
by Jim Dalrymple II | Jan 17
Fiona Taylor previously served as a director of operations and customer service for the electric car maker
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One of the world's largest investment companies now owns over 10 percent of the tech brokerage
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Keith Rabois thinks the SoftBank Vision Fund's huge infusion of capital in startups, including Opendoor, can keep them from addressing their problems
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The answer depends on the project, but a new NAR study suggests agents might benefit by promoting DIY projects
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Whether it's investing, helping investors expand their portfolios or finding your niche — you change up your business model when the market softens
Heavyweights such as Zillow, RE/MAX and Redfin all saw their stock prices fall Monday as Wall Street sputtered toward the end of a disappointing year
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Caryn Kramer sees property ownership as a gateway to helping people — from California all the way to Haiti
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The number of home flips in 2018 hovered around 45,000 — a 12% decline from the third quarter of 2017
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The San Francisco-based startup believes the technology will make it easier and cheaper to invest in private securities like real estate investment trusts
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