This week, Byron Lazine and Nicole White are talking about cities that are making it harder to own short-term rentals, how inflation has impacted millennial homebuying plans, and the weekly media review Left, Middle, Right
by Byron Lazine Jan 27
A slate of new companies backed by institutional investors is offering ways for owners to tap home equity. They made their pitch on Tuesday at Inman Connect New York
by Taylor Anderson Jan 24
When there are new obstacles or needs, rezoning allows for certain properties to be used differently than they were before
by Luke Babich Jan 24
Look to investment and second home properties as a way for your agents to maintain income and grow their businesses – especially in a changing market
by Amy Corr AND Kevin Van Eck Jan 19
Whether you’re a Realtor or a homeowner, market conditions in 2023 are going to vary wildly across the country
by Bernice Ross Jan 13
As of Jan. 1, homes in Canada can only be purchased by the nation's citizens and a few other groups after a new law went into effect. The step's a campaign promise of Prime Minister Trudeau
by Daniel Houston Jan 5
Coraopolis, Pennsylvania-based BCHH provides national title and settlement services to mortgage servicers, real estate investors, asset management companies and government entities
by Matt Carter Dec 20
The nation’s second-biggest homebuilder is marketing thousands of homes at a time when investors are looking for deals on rental properties, according to a new report
by Taylor Anderson Dec 12
Rent dropped for a fourth straight month in November, with all but 6 of the nation's top 40 markets reporting flat or declining month-over-month rent
by Taylor Anderson Dec 5
You have the opportunity to shine as a resource and cater to them by shifting your mindset slightly and focusing on a few areas of your business
by James Harris AND David Parnes Nov 28
Companies that choose to adapt to these emerging trends will reap the most significant rewards, and those that don’t will become relics of an old way of doing business
by Jason Fudin Nov 8
Self-managing a short term rental is totally doable. Yes, it’s more work than a traditional long term rental, but there are ways to set it up to minimize the overall time spent
by Stacey Soleil Nov 8
Real estate investors have a different perspective, and a different set of priorities, from traditional buyers and sellers. Here's how to provide the service they need
by Luke Babich Nov 7
Investors, including iBuyers, that entered the housing market in 2020 and 2021 are at least partly to blame for the dramatic price correction playing out in 2022, Kelman said in a new interview
by Ben Verde Nov 1
Real estate investing puts your money to work in the form of an income-producing property that can then be used to help finance your next property. The biggest barrier is also the simplest one: money
by Luke Babich Nov 1
Make sure your second-homebuyers are truly ready for their purchase by asking these questions before beginning the home search
by Santiago Arana Nov 1