Want to buy a home in a big city? Here's how much you'll need to make

HSH.com uses NAR data to determine the monthly cost of a median priced home in 27 metro areas
  • U.S. homebuyers need to make a salary of $52,699.17 to afford a median priced home of $240,700 with a monthly mortgage payment of $1,229.65.
  • The most expensive metros to purchase a home are all in California: San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles, respectively.
  • The least expensive metros for homebuyers are Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Unless you like the heat of Phoenix, buying a home in major metros on the West Coast requires one hefty salary.

Affordability, or lack thereof, continues to put a damper on the housing market in many major metros. HSH.com recently calculated the specific salary requirements in 27 metros throughout the nation based on median priced homes and mortgage rates.