This is the market where opportunity abounds for the diligent, professional agent. Homeowners who have been unable to sell their homes need your expertise
by Jimmy Burgess Jan 27
When your clients are seeing doom-and-gloom headlines, it's important to be able to crunch the numbers and give them the facts
by Nicole Beauchamp Jan 12
To maximize your profitability in 2023, you must also address how your beliefs, attitudes and feelings either support or undermine your ability to take the actions that result in success
by Bernice Ross Dec 28
From the places that will be most in demand to the platforms you need to focus on, these statistics will help you hit the ground running as you plan your 2023 marketing strategy
by Christy Murdock Dec 27
Are some of the biggest teams in the industry really brokerages or teamerages (or vice versa) and how does that affect the way they’re ranked? Before the 2023 rankings come out, let's get this figured out
by Troy Palmquist Dec 20
Media headlines focusing on a pending US housing market crash are based on limited data that's skewed by the outsized 2021 numbers
by Mike DelPrete Dec 12
These experts are shaping the future of real estate technology
by Inman Dec 8
Women in real estate in Toledo make 136% of the earnings of men in real estate in the city, survey says. Women also hold a majority of real estate jobs in the city at 59% of all real estate jobs
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 30
Now that earnings are in for the big box brokerages, the anticipated revenue decline is clear. But does it tell the whole story?
by Mike DelPrete Nov 30
Homebuyers and real estate agents should team up with tech experts to ensure secure financial data and processes
by Robert Siciliano Nov 16
The virtual tour software company posted $38M in revenue, up from $28.4M in Q2, avoiding headwinds that have ensnared others in the real estate space, according to earnings on Thursday
by Taylor Anderson Nov 11
A year ago, Zillow Offers was in a similar position to where Opendoor now finds itself, and Zillow shut down its iBuying operations. Here's why the path forward might be different this time
by Mike DelPrete Nov 7
From things that go bump in the night to ghosts and ghouls of all descriptions, here's a breakdown of U.S. attitudes towards haunted homes
As Halloween approaches and Americans begin to get into the spooky spirit, some homeowners association regulations are poised to cramp ghoulish decorations, a new survey shows
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 25
This will go down as one of the most challenging years for non-owners who would like to enter the market to begin building equity
by Eric Forney Oct 20
If you've put together systems and processes to streamline your business, it's time to automate their implementation for even more efficiency
by Jeremy Knauff Oct 18