Commission checks could come pouring in for agents in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Tampa and Atlanta
by Teke Wiggin | Aug 16
Stability in borrowing costs comes despite the highest core inflation rates since 2008, according to Freddie Mac survey
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 16
The latest data could be a good sign for an inventory-starved housing market
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 16
The country still hasn't recovered from the shock of the 2008 financial crisis, according to a new study from Zillow
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 13
President and CEO John Davis says sharp focus on proprietary technologies helped spark 8.7% sales boost
by Marian McPherson | Aug 13
On the bright side, nearly 25% of all American properties are now equity rich, including more than 40% in California
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 10
And if baby boomers’ elders also vacate the ranks of homeowners in droves, the oversupply could have a disastrous impact
by Lew Sichelman | Aug 10
CEO Robert Thomson says there's plenty of room for Move and to grow, promises not to "usurp" Realtors
by Marian McPherson | Aug 9
Zillow is ramping up fast, buying 43 homes in the past 5 weeks, and the homes are more expensive than its Phoenix iBuyer competitors
by Mike DelPrete | Aug 9
A new survey from NAR says the ongoing inventory crunch and increased interest in buying is leading to record prices
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 8
Need some new website or set of search tools to level-up your brokerage? We've got you covered
by Inman | Aug 7
In markets with most restrictive regulations, home values jumped 25 percentage points for every 10 percentage-point increase in employment, new Zillow study finds
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 6
NAR's chief economist forecasts that the market could see median prices rise another 5% this year
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 30
Freddie Mac's chief economist says the next few months will be key for gauging the health of the housing market
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 26
Sales of new homes in June fell to their lowest level since last fall but are at their highest supply since 2009
by Patrick Kearns | Jul 25