Email marketing meets hyper-local data analytics in new client engagement widget

HomeActions partners with Onboard Informatics to offer hyper-local data and neighborhood information
  • HomeActions partners with Onboard Informatics to offer an automated valuation model and AddressReport to help real estate professionals market and connect with prospects.
  • The automated valuation model helps homebuyers and sellers determine the worth of a property using assessments, sales, prices and local trends.
  • AddressReports can calculate hyper-local data for a specific property or neighborhood, offering key details to help the decision-making process.

For homebuyers and sellers, having the knowledge of local real estate trends and home values is key.

And because having localized information as a real estate agent is just as important as having a platform on which to share that information, HomeActions has teamed up with Onboard Informatics to keep agents and brokers constantly informed.