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Email marketing meets hyper-local data analytics in new client engagement widget

HomeActions partners with Onboard Informatics to offer hyper-local data and neighborhood information
  • HomeActions partners with Onboard Informatics to offer an automated valuation model and AddressReport to help real estate professionals market and connect with prospects.
  • The automated valuation model helps homebuyers and sellers determine the worth of a property using assessments, sales, prices and local trends.
  • AddressReports can calculate hyper-local data for a specific property or neighborhood, offering key details to help the decision-making process.

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For homebuyers and sellers, having the knowledge of local real estate trends and home values is key. And because having localized information as a real estate agent is just as important as having a platform on which to share that information, HomeActions has teamed up with Onboard Informatics to keep real estate agents and brokers constantly informed. HomeActions is a client relationship service specializing in email newsletters, while Onboard Informatics uses data as an engagement tool. The pair together is now offering two hyper-local features. Announced August 19, HomeActions' 3 million members will now have access to an automated valuation model (AVM) and AddressReport (AR) fueled by the data from Onboard Informatics. Helping to engage and inform users, these tools are intended to position the real estate professional as the local expert. For $20 a month or $200 a year, real estate professionals across the country can access metrics and reporting information to pr...